domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Rosaura’s Diary

Once upon a time in an old town in Netherlands, were Rosaura lived. A pretty girl that had a hard life. When she was born, her mom started to have mental problems, for her trauma for her husband death. With the absence of her dad, Rosaura grew up with her crazy mom.
Rosaura’s mom tried to commit suicide every Sunday, but couldn’t a performed it, because she started to have a romance with her lumber, called Victor. He looked well, get balance inculcating love in that house, was responsible with them, and he adore Rosaura, but for this reason he overprotected her. Didn’t like that she had friends, he prefer that she stayed in home with her mom.
One Sunday morning, in her 14th Birthday; her mom died, she was hang in the big tree near the house. Rosaura didn’t affect her death, because she was aware that later or morning this happened.

Rosaura didn’t have relative, also Victor offered take care her.
She had safe a precious diary of her dad. She started writing in her diary every day, where she wrote about her hard life, for needed and wanted her real father, had friends, had a normal life, without Victor, because he overprotected in excess. In that diary she draws of the image for saw her mom death, was a trauma for her.
For her 15th Birthday; Victor gave a cat. For Rosaura was an incredible gift. She loved her cat, because was her only friend. After week, Rosaura tried to take a shower to her pet, but the cat scratched her face. That day, Victor was very angry, that killed the cat with ax.
Rosaura started to felt fear for lived with Victor. She started to know a lot about him obsession with her, and started to take care in the house. She was scaring in the moments when he was angry.
She didn’t have friends; she preferred stay alone all the time, but her secret was that felt in love with her neighborhood, that she wrote love cards.

One afternoon when Rosaura returned to the school, had the surprised that Victor had the diary in yours hands, and he read everything.
He was so angry, sad and zealous; but he can’t control him angry, that impulse for took a hammer and said that she didn’t deserve to die, for having bad thoughts about him.
Rosaura ran around the house looking for a place to hide to save her live; but Victor got out of the house with a gun looking for her. She climbed the big tree when her mom died, but pitiful he found her, and said: “I love you” while he shot her in the heart.
Rosaura died instantaneously, and Victor took her body like a doll; he gave her showers, dressed, and took care about her body like she was live.

Two years after, the neighborhoods said to FBI about Rosaura’s body, they found out what was happening for Rosaura’s Diary that she had left hanging in that big tree close to her house, that is why I’m letting you know, because people said that Victor escape of the jail. Nobody knows where he is, but it is said that he is out looking for his new adored Rosaura.

The End